Looking after small to medium-sized businesses that want to grow online.

Penghouse is a boutique software agency based in Sydney, Australia.

We're an ambitious group, taking pride in creating practical solutions for small to medium-sized businesses, located anywhere on earth, that want to increase their revenue and efficiency in an increasingly connected world.
We're personal
At the foundation of what we do is a deep understanding of you, your team and your customers.
We're practical
We set realistic goals and timeframes, and only promise what we know we can deliver.
We're results-driven
Success looks different to different people, and our success is measured in the areas that matter to you.
All our clients become part of the Penghouse family. We'll work together towards the long term growth and development of your business online. We understand that your project isn't just a one-off expense – it's an investment.

Things we're good at

Websites and web applications

Polish your online presence or create a software product of your own. We've helped businesses launch sites they're actually proud of, and others generate more profits online.

Mobile apps and development

Our apps deliver a quality and consistent user experience across both Android and iOS. Release a new consumer product or assist your staff in the daily operations of your business.

Line of business applications

Streamline your in-house processes with software customised around your business. Automate away time-consuming tasks or increase productivity to better serve your customers.

Ongoing growth and support

We're interested in the long term growth and success of your business. Our mission is to help you reach your goals and to be your reliable, go-to expert every step of the way.

Our point of difference

Quick Discovery Session
Start here
We'll get in touch to learn about your business and see if what we offer is right for you.
Collaborative roadmapping
Together we'll design a project scope and timeline to successfully answer your business needs.
Implementation phase
We get to work while guiding you through our process. Everything is brought through to completion.
We talk about what your next steps are, and how to support and grow things from here.
A guided process
Great software is just one part of what we do – at Penghouse we believe in nurturing an open and collaborative relationship with our clients from day one. Kick off the process for free!
Your tomorrow
We start all relationships with a Quick Discovery Session. It's a broad assessment of how your business could benefit from our areas of expertise, with a focus on coming up with a solution specifically tailored to your vision of tomorrow.

Every case is different

So that we can know you who are and how to help, please tell us as much as you'd like about:
Your name
Your email
Your business
Your business name
Your current website (if applicable)
Your story
What brought you here?
What are your top priorities?
Anything else we should know?
Places are strictly limited so please provide as much detail as possible!

The Quick Discovery Session

We take the information you give us and schedule a 30 minute Skype or Google Hangouts call to get to know the nuts and bolts of your business, along with what you want to achieve this month, year or quarter. We'll then go away and come up with some immediate wins that could result in a positive return on investment for your business.
The end result is a one page, high-level report that includes immediately actionable recommendations and possible areas of improvement.
SkypeGoogle Hangouts
Quick Discovery Report
✔ Design
✔ On-page Optimisations
✔ Revenue Potential
Have other questions?
If you’re not sure whether a Quick Discovery would be suitable for you, send us a message through the chat widget in the bottom right corner of the screen and we'll answer any questions you may have. Please allow us some time to respond, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Let us look after you

You know your business.
We know software.
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